Daily Activities

As part of a daily rhythm in the ring a rosy room we offer simple activities for the children each day. These include painting, drawing, craft and bread making. You may wish to do some or all of these activities throughout your week but we encourage you to  establish a rhythm that works for you at home and stick with it doing the same activities on the same day each week. You can follow the sample we have provided under the rhythm tab on the home page to help you establish your own routines.

Imaginative Play

Very young children need lot's of time for unstructured imaginative play. During play children will often model, explore and process the world around them. It is important that many opportunities are provided for this activity to allow children to develop at their own pace.

Try not to engage with your children at these times. This is a great opportunity for parents who might be working from home to complete work tasks while children play. It's a good idea to be nearby to hear your child at play and support them by providing items they may ask for to engage in their play, but leave them to their 'work' while you do yours.

For more information on supporting free play follow the link 


Bread Making

Bread making day is one of the Ring a Rosy children's favourite days! And the children particularly love when Jess sprinkles a dusting of 'flour rain' into their hands.

Making bread is such a lovely activity engaging so many of our senses.

  • Sense of touch - feeling the dough as it gets more and more elastic, or when it is a bit too wet and sticky,

  • Sense of warmth -feeling as it becomes warmer as we work with it.

  • Sense of balance as we work with both hands to create a balanced design.

  • Sense of movement as we rhythmically knead and work with the dough.      

  • Sense of smell - while the bread dough is in the oven cooking we often feel an inner warmth as the dough warms and cooks and our mouths begin to water with anticipation.

  • Sense of taste - finally we get to eat the delicious warm bread, crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.


Bread Dough Recipe

In Ring a Rosy we use a naturally grown sourdough starter for our bread recipe so that we do not have to use yeast. This is much better for the digestion and our health. We keep a 'mother' (the sourdough base) and each week we feed the mother starter the day before the session so it grows enough for us to put the same size mother aside and use the rest for our bread dough to make our rolls. We use a combination of bio dynamic bakers flour and rye flour in our bread dough mix. As it is not practical to share our starter with families we have included a link here to instructions on how to get your own starter going at home. Just click on the bread! You can substitute with yeast if you choose but it is so much more fun watching and waiting for the little bubbles to grow making your own. Think of it as science learning at home for your children! Enjoy!


Creative activities like painting and drawing offer children opportunities for self expression. Painting can be a very calming activity and is generally wonderful for balancing emotions. Ring a Rosy Painting day is on a Tuesday and in our sessions we have explored the properties of Yellow and Red. We used these individually before finally exploring how the 2 colours danced on the page together. We use our lovely 'Mr Tippy Brush" and dip his toes in the color and then tippy toe onto the page. Lot's of magic happens when the colors blend with the watery paper. We have learnt that we always need to give Mr Tippy a bath and dry him off on his little towel before dipping his toes into a new color. 

You can add painting to your day at home using paints you may have or explore making some paints with nature. I will be posting some ideas for making natural paints throughout the term to give you some inspiration.

While the children paint I sing a little rainbow song. 

Painting Song


Craft is kept very simple in Ring a Rosy and often connects to a seasonal activity or a story. It is a wonderful way to support children's fine motor development, creativity and is a task that requires time and patience. Children enjoy seeing the results of their hard work and dedication to finishing a task.


In Ring a Rosy drawing day is Friday, however, it is healthy to offer materials for drawing at any time of the day should children wish to draw. We have put some drawing paper and a small selection of crayons in your children's packs to suppport drawing at home and I will post a few ideas for varied drawings activities throughout the term. 

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