Birthdays are a time of celebration in our kindergartens. In these celebrations we recall through story, the child's spiritual journey from Heaven to Earth, and acknowledge the years from their pre-earthly life to now.

It is important to us to share this time together in the kinder space. The teachers often make little birthday remembrance gifts for each child also and we would prefer to do this in person. Therefore, we have made the decision to not send home your child's birthday card and/or gift during this time but rather to wait so that we can celebrate their birthday together upon our return to normal kindergarten life.

If your child will be celebrating their birthday soon and you would like to create a ritual at home for this, here are some suggestions to creating your own beautiful birthday celebrations at home:

  • Do the same thing every year (this builds into your rhythm)

  • Keep it simple - this needn't be a repeat of a kinder celebration.

  • Retell your child's birth (positively). If you feel confident to do so you could incorporate their choosing to come to your family and their journey from heaven. You could also add in any anecdotes from their life - how they were as a baby and walk through each year with them.

  • Have a special breakfast or if life is too hectic to do this each year, make it another meal or snack time.

  • Set the table beautifully and include flowers from the garden and a special candle. The photo here is a sample birthday ring candle from Mother Holle - one candle per year of the child's birth. At kinder the birthday child and friends are given the task to decorate it seasonally. The photo above was from summer (shells), in spring you could use flowers, in autumn some leaves of gumnuts and in winter crystals. You could also use leaves, seed pods etc. Anything on your walks or in your garden. To make simply fill a large low dish with sand, wet the sand before each use, then put in how many candles you need and have your child decorate.

  • Make your child's birthday card and write a special verse or story for your child in their card.

Some verses you could incorporate

Verse for the night before

When I have said my evening prayer,

And my clothes are folded on the chair, 

And mother switches off the light,
I'll still be ____ years old tonight. 

But from the very break of day,

Before the children rise and play,

Before the darkness turns to gold,
Tomorrow, I'll be ___ years old.

___ kisses when I wake,
___ candles on my cake.

Verse for birthday

Above my head, the stars to shine;

Each star is like a flame.And one is mine, that o'er me shone

When to this earth I came.

Up[on this earth, my step is firm;

The stones are 'neath my feet.

I see the birds and beasts and flowers,

And loving people greet.

And every year the day returns

when my star it shineth bright.

And I receive within my heart 

The glory of its light.

© Little Yarra Steiner School 2020