Corn Necklace

Nothing says Autumn harvest like a lovely wrapped ear of corn! We loved watching 

the corn stalks grow tall and strong in the Ring a Rosy garden over Term 1.

Yellow corn is so sweet and juicy to eat... but it can also be a great craft resource! 


As you work with the corn you can talk about how each little kernel is a seed.

That if we planted it and watered it, it would grow into a great big corn plant.

The kernels are like tiny precious jewels fit for an Autumn Prince or Princess to wear

around their little neck.

  1. Take your ear of corn and peel off the husk. Your child will love unwrapping it like a gift! 

  2. Shuck the corn and collect the pretty yellow kernel beads in a bowl. I like to do this by first removing one​​​​ row with the back of a teaspoon. Once you have removed one row the neighbouring rows should peel off with your fingers. This is very satisfying... and fun for little fingers!

  3. Soak the kernels in water overnight.

  4. Cut a length of wool long enough for a necklace.

  5. Thread a big needle with the wool.

  6. Pierce the centre of a kernel with the needle and slide it down leaving about four inches at the end of the thread.

  7. Repeat step 6 until you have filled up almost the entire length of wool (leave room on either end so you can tie the ends together).

  8. Tie the two ends together to form the necklace stop kernels from slipping off.

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