Gathering and Morning Verse (Mother Holle)

Morning Circle Gathering Verse (Mother Holle)

Gentle fairies, wise elf men 
Come join us please do 
We bring golden light 

From our gardens to you

Our Angels they guide us
By day and by night

In the sun, and the moon, and the stars shining bright.

Morning Circle Morning Verse (Mother Holle)

Good day to the sun up in the sky

Good day to the birds as they fly on by

Good day to the tree so straight and strong

Good day to the nest where the birds do rest

Good day to one and all

Gathering and Morning Verse (Briar Rose)

Morning Circle Gathering verse (Briar Rose)

Let us form a ring, dancing as we sing, ring a ring a raya, ring a ring a raya

Let us stand straight and strong, standing straight and strong, kickery kickery kee, kickery kickery kee.

Morning Circle Morning Verse (Briar Rose)

The earth is firm beneath my feet,

the sun shines bright above
And here stands I so straight and strong,

all things to know and love.

Gathering and Morning Verse (Ring a Rosy)


Morning Circle Gathering Song (Ring a Rosy)

Come to my garden, garden, garden,

Come to my garden, come one and all.

Come to my garden, garden, garden,

Come to my garden to dance and make joy.

Through the gate, don't be late.

Come to my garden to dance and make joy.

Morning Circle Morning Verse (Ring a Rosy)

Good Morning Dear Earth,

Good Morning Dear Sun,

Good Morning Dear Trees

And Dear Flowers Every One

Good Morning Dear Bees

And Birds on the Trees

Good Morning to you, 

And Good Morning to me.

Gentle Fairies
Morning Verse
Circle gathering song Briar Rose
Circle verse Briar Rose
Autumn Goodmorning
My nice red rosy apple
I have a basket
Who has seen the wind
Winds of autumn
Like a Leaf or a Feather
Little winds whisper
All the little leaves
Up in the green orchard
All I want is a Pony
Blacksmith Song

Morning Circle

In Steiner Education 'Morning Circle' is where we come together in a movement journey, which includes songs and rhymes, often but not always seasonal in nature. The songs and verses are tied together through a common theme and lead the children through an imaginative journey where they can practice gross and fine motor skills, balance, dexterity and language. They develop their sense of movement, sense of balance and life sense and sense of touch, which are all vital to healthy child development.  

To make this more manageable for parents and fit better within the home context we are offering a selection of songs and rhymes rather than a whole complex circle. We have opted for doing this as an entire early childhood faculty to make it appropriate for all families. We will start with some songs, from each of the groups that the children will have learnt last term and then we will add songs and verses as we go so you can gradually learn more and integrate them as you feel able. Each song will have an audio attached to it for you as the parent to learn the song to then share with your child. We suggest doing this a few songs at a time and gradually build in new songs when you and your child are familiar with those you have been doing. 


We will put in brackets next to each song, which group has heard it last term so you know and can ask your child to help you and teach you any actions. Most children will be able to show you the actions done to the gathering verse and circle verse. If you have a child in Ring a Rosy and one of the Kindergartens please choose which one you wish to do at home - there is no need to do both.


Autumn Circle Songs

Autumn Good morning (BR)

Yellow the bracken

Golden the sheaves

Rosy the apples

Crimson the leaves

Mist on the hillside

Clouds grey and white

Autumn good morning

Summer good night.

Here is a tree (BR)

Here is a tree with leaves so green (fingers outstretched)

Here are the apples that hang in between (make fists)

When the wind blows 

The apples will fall (falling motion with fists)

here is a basket to gather them all.


My Nice Red Rosy Apple (MH & RaR)

My nice red rosy apple (make an apple with hands, moving top hand over apple in circular gesture)
Has a secret all unseen (bring up to eye)
If you should peep inside you'd see (peep between hands)

5 rooms so neat and clean (hold up 5 fingers)

In each one is living (hold up 1 finger)

5 pips so black and bright (hands flat make a pip with palms together, then flip hands so other hand is onto)

Asleep they are and dreaming (keep hands together and rest head on hands)

Of lovely warm sunlight. (sunlight gesture above head)

I Have a Basket I'll Tell You Why (MH)

I have a basket, I'll tell you why (make basket with arms)
I'm picking blackberries to bake in a pie (right hand 'picks' berries and puts in basket)
I'll mix them with apples, (string gesture)
put pastry on the top (both hands indicate pastry covering top)
If my pie is good enough
Don't buy one from the shop. (1 finger up and swaying left to right in don't gesture) 

Who has seen the wind? (MH & BR)

Who has seen the wind?
Neither I nor you,
But when the leaves hang trembling down
the wind is passing through.


Who has seen the wind?
Neither you nor I,
But when the trees bow down their heads
The wind is passing by. 


Winds of Autumn (BR)

Scarlet and yellow and purple and brown
Winds of Autumn blow the leaves down.
Blow from their branches their curtains and spread Carpets of yellow beneath them instead. Glistening with rain or ablaze in the sun
Falling in showers or drop one by one.
Fluttering treasures of Autumn come down
Scarlet and yellow and purple and brown.


Like a leaf or a feather (BR & RaR)

Like a leaf or a feather in the windy, windy weather,

we will whirl around and swirl around all fall down together

Little Winds Whisper - verse (MH & BR)

Little winds they whisper, they whisper as they pass,
Telling tiny secrets to the flowers and the grass.

But the big winds go a blustering and buffeting about

The little winds they whisper but the big winds they shout!

All the little leaves (MH & BR)

game - could be played separately if you wanted to


All the little leaves so bright and gay                        (sway from side to side)
Were dancing on a tree one day
Brother wind blew into town Woo-oo-oo                  (let go hands bring arms up parallel above head)
And all the Red leaves came tumbling down            (red leaves run to centre of circle)


Red leaves hold hands forming a small inner circle

We red leaves flutter
We red leaves you sway,
Up high on the trees
The wind comes to play.            (arms up, children return to big circle)

Repeat for orange, golden and brown leaves

Up in the green orchard - end of circle release (MH)

Up in the green orchard there lives a tall tree

The finest of apples you ever did see

The apples are ripe and ready to fall

And _______ and _________ shall gather them all.

All I want is a Little Pony (RR)

All I want is a little Pony

Jig Jig Jiggalong Jiggalong Jig

Not too fat and not too boney

Jig Jig Jiggalong Jiggalong Jig

All I want is to go for a ride,

All along the countryside,

With a .......

Jig Jig Jiggalong Jiggalong Jiggalong

Jig jig Jiggalong Jiggalong Jig.

The Blacksmith Song (RR)

My little pony needs a pair of shoes

How many nails must I use

1, 2, 3, tie him to a tree

Let him have a bag of hay then he will not run away

Now here comes the blacksmith with his hammer and tongs

he'll fit a new horseshoe,

It won't take him long

I am a blacksmith good and true

Best of work I always do 

All day long my hammers go

Clinging clinging clanging so

With a rickety dickety dickety dick

With a rickety dickety dickety dick.

© Little Yarra Steiner School 2020