Leaf Threading

Leaf threading is a wonderful activity to connect to Autumn and the changes we see

about us (in a European sense) as well as to improve dexterity. It is the equivalent of

Daisy Chains for Autumn. Threaded leaves can be made into Autumn garlands, wall

hanging's and decorations. You could drape them along the top of the windows to

make a very autumnal feel in your home!

  1. Take your basket outside, and gather as many autumnal leaves as the trees have
    blessed you with (photo 1)

  2. Gather small twigs - some autumn leaves come with nice solid stems, which can
    be used instead (photo 2 - stem)

  3. Select the nicest of the leaves

  4. Break the twigs into small pieces approximately 2-3cm long

  5. Lay one autumn leaf over the next running in the same direction (photo 3)

  6. Poke the twig through both leaves and back up again - thus anchoring the two
    together (photo 4)

  7. Continue in this way until the threading is as long as you require it (photo 6)


Make the threading long enough to go around your head and join the ends together
in the same way, tucking the last leaf under the first (see photo 7, 8 and 9)

Use smaller leaves as decoration (photo 9)

Have your child create patterns with leaves of different colours and shapes, joining as you go (photo 10). These can then be used much like Christmas decorations across your walls and windows.

Create long leaf threading and hang in a doorway like 'curtain fly strips'.

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