God's Eyes

This video is for parent use only. Please do not show your child!


Children learn best through imitation so it would be wonderful if you had one of

these for yourself also to do. Below you will find the instructions written with

pictures. This is also available as a downloadable word document that you can

print if you prefer.

  1. Find two sticks in the garden of equal length and thickness.

  2. Sand the sticks until the bark is removed and they are smooth.

  3. Cross the two sticks over to make an x. 

  4. Tie a knot around the two sticks (most children will need adult help).

  5. To secure the sticks further begin wrapping the wool a few times
    on one diagonal and then on the other diagonal (most children will need adult help). 

  6.  Begin the God’s Eye pattern. 

    1. A) Over the next stick, 

    2. B) Wrap around 

    3. C) Then over the next stick. 
      See the video onsite but please do not show this to your child.

  7. When you run out of colour or your child wishes to change to another
    colour, simply knot the new colour to the old colour and keep at the back.

  8. Upon completion (the sticks are almost full of yarn) simply make a loop
    of the remaining yarn and knot it onto the stick. 

  9. Completed autumnal coloured god’s eye (this one could have used a few
    more rows of colour to be completed and is a sample only).
    It can be hung up by the loop to decorate your house or seasons table. 

Song to accompany God’s Eye making:

“Wind the bobbin up, 

Wind the bobbin up,

Pull, Pull, hammer, hammer, hammer (or clap your hands)

Wind it back again 

Wind it back again

Pull, Pull, hammer, hammer, hammer”


There is enough wool to make a couple of God’s Eyes. If your child is extra crafty this activity can be extended by crossing another smaller stick at the end of each stick and making mini God’s Eyes on the end of each stick thus having 5 God’s Eyes in one – to do this the central God’s Eye will need to be smaller and you will need quite long sticks for the first 2 – at least 20cm each I would say. 

God's Eyes:  parent instruction
God's Eyes

Pom Pom Boobok Owl

1. Choose a colour of yarn.

2. Take 2 circles that are the same size & tie a knot around the cardboard (photo 1).

3. Thread the yarn through the hole until there is an inch left (photo 2).

4. Choose another colour & tie a knot to the yarn. 

5. When you can no longer fit your finger through the hole take a darning needle & continue threading the yarn until you can no more (photos 4-6). 

6. Take a pair of sharp scissors & cut between the 2 pieces of cardboard (photo 7).

7. Hold on to the pom pom & with a piece of yarn put between the cardboard & pull tight, tying a double knot leaving a length of yarn about 10cm on each side (photos 8, 9 and 10).

8. Do the same with the second pom pom using a different colour yarn.

9. Put one pom pom on top of the other tying the 2 different colours of yarn together. Keep tying a few times then trim - leave a string at the top and knot together if you wish your child to be able to hang their owl up (photo 11).

10. Stick or sew on the beak (photo 12).

Activity 2:

God's Eyes




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