In Steiner Education the story is told to the children rather than read. It is often but not always accompanied by a puppet show. The teacher will learn the story by heart and then tell it to the children, without too much intonation or drama, leaving the rest to the child's imagination. If you feel you have the space in your life to learn the story and then tell it to your child this will be a great gift but it is not expected for you to do so.


This term we have offered an option of audio for those who don't wish to learn or read the story, or if your child wishes to hear their teachers voice. 


Please support your child in creating a special cosy place for story telling. The children are very good at creating story scenes and can do this like we did last time with items found in nature or in their play materials. 


Our first story "The Six Swans" will help to support your child through this current lock down and give them a sense that while they are currently held at home they will once more be freed from their current condition. In your pack we have included both stories for this term so you will have the materials ready when it is time. Please do not be tempted to start the next story before at least two weeks of telling the first even if your child says "not this again" as they often will. Working through this by continuing the same story will help your child to live more deeply into it's underlying archetypal meanings. The younger the child the longer you can continue the same story and children can often have the same story for a whole term and still listen eagerly to it taking it deeply into their soul life during sleep.


If you feel after the three weeks that your child would benefit from a longer telling of it please feel free to continue with this story for longer.

Week 4 - 7
The Six Swans

by Brothers Grimm

The Six Swans

Alternative Story - Stone Soup

based on a traditional tale author unknown

The stone soup

Week 4-7

Two Frogs in Trouble

adapted by Shar'lee and Anita

from this version: 

Two Frogs in Trouble

Week 7 - 9 (originally planned)

Little Briar-Rose

by Brothers Grimm

Little Briar Rose

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