Transitions are the way we move rhythmically from one part of our day to the next. Predictable transitions support children as part of the rhythm of the day. Each Kindergarten room will have their own transition songs, verses and rhymes. Here I am just putting those that you may be able to incorporate easily into your day. With the meal blessings you may choose to just pick your favourite from those offered and use it at every meal. if you have older children in the school maybe you could alternate between their blessing and the kinder one using one for each meal. I would suggest starting by adding one or two new elements at a time - just what you feel you can maintain consistently. 

Adults verse

It is helpful for the adults to start with a morning verse on their own before the children arrive. I usually do this before I leave home in the morning while picturing each child entering the kindergarten. Instead of my usual verse, here I have offered a small and simple one for you to fit into your busy days:


Into my will let there pour strength
Into my feelings let there flow warmth

Into my thinking let there shine light
that I may nurture this child 
With enlightened purpose

Caring with hearths love 

And bringing wisdom into all things.

Pack away

I usually begin to pack away while the children are still playing to reduce the overwhelm for them I will put like items in piles for the children to help find their homes when I begin singing. We then sing the pack away song and children will work independently to pack away the toys, with some working with each other or adults to move heavy items and to fold the blankets and cloths. 

Now it’s time to pack away,

busy busy children had a lovely play. 

Morning Circle Gathering Song and Verse

Please see the morning circle page for our morning circle verses and songs.

Morning Tea Blessing

We sing a blessing before each meal to acknowledge where our food comes from and all that goes into bringing it to us. In Briar Rose We say a little verse with actions ending with the children joining hands before we sing the blessing.

Hands together, hands apart
Hands together now we’re ready to start.

Blessings on the blossoms Blessings on the fruit
Blessings on the leaves and stems Blessings on the root
And blessings on our morning tea.

Story time

To bring the children back inside for story and transition from outside play we begin by washing all the outside dishes and packing away our outside play. This forms the beginning of the transition to story time.  The children love washing with bubbly warm water! 

We begin with a verse accompanied by actions to draw all the children's attention back and prepare them for story.


Story Verse
See my little fingers busy all morning through
Strong hands, gentle fingers good for helping you
See them fly like birdies up into the sky
They can hide behind my back where no one will then spy But when it’s time for story, I lay them on my knee
And they will hold a treasure that no one else can see.

Song before story
Mother of the fairy tale,

take me by your silver hand. 

Take me in your silver boat,

sail me silently afloat

Mother of the fairy tale,

take me to your shining land.

It’s time to tell a story
It’s time to tell a tale
Here is a spark of golden sunlight Glowing softly tory light.

At the end of the story we put out our candle and share this verse. 

End of story verse
Our play our work our song
In us becomes a light
We carry it along till stars shine in the night And with love we bring it all
To heed the starry call
In all I say and all I do
May strength and kindness
Shine right through.

Children wash their hands and go to the table for lunch.

Lunch Blessing

Our lunch blessing is again started with a verse to hold hands, the same as at lunchtime.

Hands together hands apart
Hands together now we’re ready to start.

Earth who gave to us our food
Sun who made it ripe and good

Dearest Earth and dearest sun

We’ll not forget what you have done


A very happy lunch.

End of Day Goodbye Verse 

Goodbye now goodbye now

it’s time to all go home

Sleep soundly sleep soundly

while angel children roam

Arise and sing to a bright new day
We’ll meet again to work and play
Goodbye now goodbye now.

Pack away
Blessings on the blossoms
Story Verse
Mother of the fairytale
After Story verse
Lunchtime verse
End of day verse
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