Transitions support the rhythmical movement from one part of our day to the next and eliminate the need for wordy directions. It is so much more harmonious to signal a change of activity with a gentle song and gesture from adults. Predictable transitions support children to feel safe and secure knowing what will happen next. 

Each Kindergarten room has their own transition songs, verses and rhymes. Below are some that we use in Ring a Rosy that you may be able to incorporate easily into your day.

Adults verse

Before each session Jess and I light a candle in the room and say the following verse together to bring our energy into the space and set a beautiful intention for our day working with your children. We have included it here as you may like to start your day saying this quietly for yourself before working with your children or just to ground yourself to the day ahead.


Into my will let there pour strength
Into my feelings let there flow warmth

Into my thinking let there shine light
that I may nurture these children
With enlightened purpose

Caring with hearths love 

And bringing wisdom into all things.

Pack away

Pack away is generally firstly signaled through the adults quietly beginning to put things away while the children are still playing. 

We usually begin by sorting items into groups to help children find their home more easily. We might put a basket near where the blocks are scattered and make a pile of cloths for folding, then quietly begin singing our pack away transition song . This gives children time to bring their play to a natural and more gentle completion.

Pack away transition song

There was a little dusty little gnome
Who said it's time to clean our home
Round round round
Swish, swish, swish
Clean our home. 

Cloth folding song

Two corners for you

Two corners for me

Put them together and what do you see.

Clouds are sailing (gently shaking out bumps in cloth)


Morning Circle Gathering Song and Verse

Please see the morning circle page for our morning circle verses and songs.

Outside Play Pack away Song

Tic Toc goes the clock

What does it have to say

Time to pack our things away for another day

Pick it up 

Pack it up

Put it all away.


We sing a blessing before each meal to acknowledge where our food comes from and all that goes into bringing it to us.

We use gestures along with the words we sing together. I think the children will remember if you ask them to show you and sing it together. 

Blessings on the blossoms

Blessings on the fruit

Blessings on the leaves and stems

And blessings on the roots

Have a happy morning tea (spoken)



Lunch Blessing

For the golden corn

And the apples on the tree.

For the yellow butter,

And the honey for our tea

For fruits and nuts and berries that grow along the way

For birds and bees and flowers

We thank you every day.

Story time

As we return inside for story from outside play the children are greeted by me at the door when their slippers are on and I gently tap their inside palm with my pinky finger to place an (imaginary) magic drop in their hand to help feet and bodies be atill and quiet for our story.

Magic Drop song


Candle lighting song

Dear candle, Dear candle, please bring us your light.

Dear candle, Dear candle, shine your light bright.


Story song

Mother of the Fairy tale

Tell us a tale to sail away

Over the deep blue sea.

Candle extinguishing song

Little candle light

Burning through the night

Keep us safe Keep us safe

Right through the night

After story a child is chosen to snuff out the candle as we sing

End of Day Verse (sung with gestures)

Birds in the Air

Stones on the land

Fishes in the water

We're in loving hands.


Our kinder day is over and we are going home.

Goodbye, goodbye for we are going home.


Inside Pack Away
Cloth Folding Song
Outside Pack Away Song
Morning Tea Song
Magic Drops Song
Lunchtime Song
Storytime Song
Candle Snuffing Song
Goodbye Song
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