Week 1 & 2

To support all families in our preschool we decided to begin by suggesting a very simple combined age activity to start this online journey.

The first craft activity is a nature based activity designed to deepen the images of our first story -The Little Gnome who had to stay home. 

Week 3 & 4

This is a simple activity that can be done mostly with resources naturally available in your garden. At this time of year the autumn leaves are falling making a carpet of glorious color on the earth. Collecting leaves of all colors raises children's awareness of the changing seasons. We supplied some wool thread and a needle in your resource pack but you can also make your own needle with a small stick, which provides even more fun!

Week 5 & 6

This activity is connected to the suggested story for week 3, 4 & 5, 'The Autumn Blanket'. It is a wonderful way to deepen the images and context of the story and connect to the season. It also provides great fine motor skill practice and is a lovely introduction to some very simple early weaving. It is a good idea to share the story for at least a week before beginning the activity to deepen the experience.The resource pack sent home contains some wool thread, a piece of sandpaper and a little beeswax for the children to use to complete this project. When finished these woven nature autumn blankets look beautiful against a window where the light shines through them.

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