Storytime in the kinder is a special and reverent occasion.

As the children come to our story circle they are greeted at the door by the teacher who imaginatively tickles a 'magic drop' into their palm to help their feet walk quietly to a chair. This small gesture indicates the change in mood from the out breath of play outside to a quiet still activity. A candle is lit and our story verse is sung before and after snuffing out the candle.

The story might be related to the season or is chosen from a collection of fairy tales, mostly Grimms, that are age appropriate and meet the needs of either the group or an individual child or environmental scenario. Our first story for the term is to support children to manage during the current covid19 situation. We will upload new stories as the term progresses and encourage you to share these with your children at home.

Stories are usually told orally without illustrations so children begin develop the capacity to create their own imaginative pictures, an important precursor to formal literacy learning. Stories are repeated daily over a few weeks so that children have time to process and digest its content.

We encourage you to read imaginative literature to your child every day. You can use the stories we will be recommending and uploading to this site, or choose a story that you enjoy, possibly a Grimms Fairy tale of your choice, that is age appropriate. It is important to tell the story as it is written as the very significant archetypes in these stories allow children to experience goodness over coming adversities. The underlying messages in the stories build hope, trust, resilience, courage and a healthy sense of life and wellbeing. Reading the story without illustrations will give your child the opportunity to imagine the story themselves and allow a rich connection to occur.

The following link may help you to choose an appropriate story for your children.​​   

Or follow our story suggestions below.

The activity we recommend will often relate to the story that is being told in order to deepen the experience.​

Make it a special time with your children, you may also like to light a candle and sing the kinder storytime song together.​

Most of all be present and enjoy this special moment with your child.

Storytime Transition Song
Candle Lighting Song
Candle Snuffing Song

Week 1 & 2
The Little Gnome Who Had to Stay Home

by Susan Perrow

© March 2020 written to read to or tell young children who are required to stay home during the current C-19 pandemic



Week 3, 4 & 5
The Autumn Blanket

© Little Yarra Steiner School 2020