Week 1 & 2

The first painting/drawing activity suggestion for the week is Autumn Leaf rubbing.

Set up a drawing table with crayons, preferably in autumn leaf colours, and drawing paper. Ask your child to find some leaves in the garden.

Place a leaf flat under the paper and using a crayon on the side (2 men in a boat) rub the crayon carefully over the paper. Magically the leaf is revealed.

You can offer some scissors to see how your children go cutting out around the edge of the leaves and then stick or hang them with thread to decorate around the house

Week 3 & 4

Nature is always so inspiring in its many forms and so I decided to go on a hunt and see what colors I could find among my garden and walking through the bush that I could use to make my own nature paints.

Indigeous civilizations have used plants and earth for creating many forms of paint over the centuries. 

It is amazing what you can find if you look hard enough in your own garden!

Use the link below to share my journey and see what you can create at home. You can even try making some paint brushes from sticks and leaves for fun. You will find instructions for both below.

Enjoy! :)

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